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Richardson Family Photos

We finally got a Nikon Coolpix 880 digital camera, for just about the worst reason/excuse ever. I had made an adapter for my Handspring Visor PDA to let me plug CompactFlash cards into the Visor, for more program storage space. One of the CompactFlash cards that I bought, a 48 megabyte Lexar, was incompatibile with the adapter design. Well, I hated seeing that $60 CF card go to waste. So I looked for digital cameras that used CF media. Nikon sounded good, so I plunked down another $550 for the Coolpix 880 and now I've put that lonely CF card to good use.

Silly, huh?

Anyway, I signed up for a FREE website with NBCi and they give you unlimited web space (well, only as long as they stay in business) [N.B. they didn't, thats why this site is at 0catch now]. I'm going to upload the photos we take to this location. All of the originals photos are much higher resolution, and if you drop me a line, I will get prints made for you of any of the photos. Or, you can order prints yourself from www.dotphoto.com (wallet to poster sizes available).

Here's the first batch of photos. Sorry about the lousy photography, I'm still learning how to use the camera.

Ready? Click here to go to the web version of the Photo Album. Or, head on over to www.dotphoto.com for printer quality versions of these photos.